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Sewing Programs For Success – Hipstitch Academy

Sewing Programs For Success

Sometimes it can be confusing which classes and terminology to use when you're creating your sewing class schedule. I thought I'd do a little blog post to let you know how I use all the terminology when I refer to my classes. I've also included some helpful tips and project suggestions for each of the programs. One more thing, there is a cheat sheet download at bottom of the post. You're welcome πŸ˜‰

Sewing Workshops – Any sewing class starting and finishing in the same day lasting 1-4 hours. These can be for kids or adults, but in our studio they are usually for adults. The class only meets once and the price is usually a little higher per hour because it only meets the one time.  Sewing Workshops in my studio typically take on the naming convention of Make Your Own _________ Workshop, indicating you'll be making that project in the allotted time and you'll only meet the one time.   

Curriculum Suggestions for Sewing Workshops:  Make Your Own Girls Night Out Clutch (free), Make Your Own Applique Pillow Workshop, Make Your Own Newsie Cap Workshop

Sewing Classes – Any sewing event lasting 1-3 hours and continuing weekly for several consecutive weeks. These can be for adults or for kids. Typically the class would progressively get more challenging as the students improve their skills. For adults examples from my studio include the Beginner Sewing Boot Camp, which is a 6-week sewing class where you make a series of beginner sewing projects that include accessories and clothing.

Curriculum Suggestion for Adult Sewing Class: Beginner Sewing Boot Camp Sewing Class

Sewing Camps – Any sewing class session that is 3+ hours on one day and continuing for consecutive days a sewing camp. These are typically meant for kids and examples include summer camp, school break camps, winter break camp, spring break camp, etc. The cost per hour is usually lower since the students are there for longer periods of time.

Curriculum Suggestions for Kids Sewing Camps: Color My World Sewing Project Collection, Under the Sea Sewing Project Collection, Rainbows & Unicorns Sewing Project Collection

Sewing Parties – Any sewing event lasting 1-2 hours with more of an entertainment bent. These can be for adults or for kids and often involve food and drink and are very laid back. Sewing parties usually require more preparation work so that everyone who attends can finish a project in the allotted time. The cost per hour is usually a little higher per hour since you’re finishing a project in a smaller amount of time.

Curriculum Suggestions for Kids Sewing Parties:  Unicorn Stuffie, Rainbow Skirt, Mini Messenger Bag

Sewing Lessons – Any one-on-one sessions with one or two people at a time. The customer typically schedules the time with the instructor based on when he or she and the instructor is available. Lessons usually cost more money per hour because of the undivided attention the instructor is giving the student because they are the only one. 

Curriculum Suggestion for Sewing Lessons: The Sky is the limit. These are usually whatever project idea your student dreams up that you feel comfortable teaching them.

Sewing Programs Terminology Cheat Sheet


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