Everything you need to teach others to sew!

Whether you want to learn how to teach kids (or adults) to sew, want to start a business teaching sewing, or want to boost your existing business teaching sewing, then you've come to the right place!

I have made a career out of my love of sewing and teaching, and I can help you do the same!

You'll find everything you need here to start and grow a successful business teaching others to sew!

  • Teaching Your First Class
  • Where To Teach
  • Scheduling Your First Class
  • Over 60 Projects Available
  • Projects For Adults & Kids
  • How-To Summer Camp Guide
  • Scale your business
  • Teach Summer Camps
  • Sewing Retreats & Mobile Classes 
  • Email Marketing
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  • Promoting Classes Locally
  • Product Reviews
  • Sewing Machines
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My Experience


Of Students

My instructors and I have taught hundreds of students over the past several years.  We also have many students who have been coming to camps and classes for years!


Lesson Plans Available

All of our sewing class lesson plans are tried and true, tested in our own studio before making their way here for you to use in teaching your own sewing classes.


Years of Experience

I built my own sewing studio over many years and many ups and downs, and I'm so glad I can share those lessons with people like you!

Join the Tribe on Facebook!

  • New project ideas
  • Teaching sewing discussions
  • pep talks to boot!

Join the Tribe on Facebook!

  • New project ideas
  • Teaching sewing discussions
  • pep talks to boot!

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