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Why Kids Summer Camp is my All-time Favorite Class to Teach – Hipstitch Academy

Why Kids Summer Camp is my All-time Favorite Class to Teach

Spring is just around the corner in the US & it’s just about time of year when parents are starting to think about what their kids will be doing all summer when school is out!

You know what this means to you as a sewing educator?

Huge opportunities,  baby!

Summer camp is a time when you can really teach some solid sewing skills. By offering half day and full day camps, You’ve got an extended periods of time for your students to practice these new skills.

Classes will be considerably longer than what you can probably offer in your classes during the school year. Because of this, You’ll be amazed at how quickly your students pickup sewing as a new skill. And within no time, they’ll become sewing pros because they’ll have the opportunity for practice daily in your summer camp.

From a business stand point, it’s an amazing opportunity to take your company to the next level! I would estimate that in my studio we probably do 1/3 of our yearly sales in 10 weeks our of the year.  You can probably guess what those weeks are!

Another reason I am wholeheartedly enamored by teaching a sewing camp to kids in the summer is because of the opportunity we have to help kids cultivate new friendships between the campers. There’s just something so special about seeing kids who have never met on Monday morning, walking away with new sewing BFFs by Friday afternoon.

If you’ve always thought about holding you’re very own kids sewing summer camp but quickly get overwhelmed by the thought of how you’d actually go about doing it, you’re in luck my friend!

I just finished up creating my very first online course on how to teach your very first sewing camp. And as I was adding the finishing touches to this course, I have a feeling I may have over shared.

Because it’s my very first online course that I’m sharing with then world, I didn’t want to leave out any important details. Those who take this online class are going to get quite an earful about what’s worked and just as imporant, what has NOT worked over the past 10 years of my sewing summer camp for kids.

The 8 modules cover so many different helpful topics including:

  • Where one might hold a summer camp, especially if a year round studio is not part of your biz yet.
  • What the heck you’re gonna teach these kids at camp.
  • A customizable worksheet to make sure you charge enough for your camp and make some moolah, even your very first summer!

Plus sew, sew much more!

Check the sales page here  to see exactly what’s included.

If you’re just starting out and considering teaching kids to sew, I one hundred percent recommend starting with a summer camp! You’re gonna be thrown right into the life of a sewing educator (how dreamy does that sound?!) and the kids you teach will be learning life skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives!

More info about our sewing camp training here.