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I created this course to share my years of expertise teaching kids summer camps. In this comprehensive online training program, I'll personally guide you through creating, promoting & facilitating your first sewing summer camp that kids will love!

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You'll learn how to run a kids sewing camp from an expert who's been doing it since Summer 2007 (and is still doing it).

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You'll be ready to start teaching kids to sew THIS SUMMER

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You'll have access to our popular kids sewing project curriculum that's been tried & tested in many, many kids kids sewing classes and camps.

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You'll have so much confidence & expertise, parents will think you've been doing this for years!

This online training includes 8 course modules (including video, transcripts & fun sheets) that will walk you through launching your very first sewing summer camp.

From setting camp dates to hiring instructors, getting kids signed up to the last day of camp Runway Show, we'll show you all the important steps in between!

If you love kids and know how to sew, I'm confident I can help you successfully launch a sewing summer camp that kids will come back to summer after summer!

This Course Includes the Following 8 Lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Scheduling and Registration for your camp
  3. Hiring Instructors for your camp
  4. Where to hold your camp
  5. Promoting your camp - How to get tons of sign ups
  6. Kids Sewing Safety 
  7. Summer Camp Curriculum - What to Teach
  8. Summer Camp Pep Talk

As A Bonus You'll Also Get...

  • 3 Kids Sewing Camp Curriculum Themes (15 projects)
  • 1 Hour of One-on-one Personal Video Coaching with Megan
  • Q&A Board where Megan will answer all your questions

Lesson Breakdown

  • 1
    Introduction - Let me tell you why this is such an important training for me to share!
  • 2
    Scheduling and Registration for your camp - Which registration software? How should you break up the day? What should you charge & more!
  • 3
    Hiring Instructors for your camp - How to take the headache out of finding rock stars to teach your summer kids classes.
  • 4
    Where to hold your camp - Did you know that you can turn just about any place or room into a sewing studio. In this section we'll help you figure out where you can hold your camp. You'll be surprised because it's easier than you think!  
  • 5
    Promoting your camp - How to get tons of sign ups - Probably one of the most important part of the training. What's a summer camp if no one signs up? We'll share our sure fire promotional tips to help make sure you get your camp filled.
  • 6
    Kids Sewing Safety - Also an extremely important section, this is where we'll talk about how to make sure all your kids stay safe while at your summer camp! We've got so many tips and tricks for you in this section.
  • 7
    Summer Camp Curriculum - What to Teach - Here's where we'll talk about what to teach, what projects and project themes work really well for camp and where you can find curriculum to teach at camp (besides ours)!
  • 8
    Summer Camp Pep Talk - Here's where we'll give you the little nudge you might need to get out there and make it happen!

This training is meant to be fun, and it’s also meant to be the kick in the pants some people need to finally get out there and starting teaching some kids sewing classes!

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