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Interview with Jaime Stepic – Hipstitch Academy

Interview with Jaime Stepic

I almost didn’t believe her when she told me she’d been in business less than a year!!

I just had a wonderful little chat with the Owner of Gingham & Eyelet Jaime Stepic in Norcross GA.  Jaime let me know that she officially started her business in October 2017. Woah! Her business looks about 1000% better than mine did when it was the same age. SEW impressive girl!

One of the many things we chatted about was how she came in 2nd place in a county wide business plan contest.

Makes. total. sense.

Jaime is teaching both kids & adults how to sew in this historic Atlanta suburb. She also mentioned that she’s not yet even doing half of her ideas from the business plan contest! I’m thinking we can expect to see SEW many more amazing things from this Sewing Boss in the years to come.

Feel free to watch & listen to our entire conversation below.

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