Interview With Nicole Bertram

So today as I was going through some files on my computer. Would you believe I found an entire video interview I did in October 2017 with Nicole Bertram of Spool Sewing Studio in Courtenay, BC ?

I’m still trying to figure out what happened and how this video gold not yet seen the light of day. Sitting here watching, re-watching and doing a bit or editing on it I’m even more confused about why it never got posted because it’s really great!

Well I should clarify, Nicole is really great. My interview skills have thankfully improved since this interview because I can’t seem to shut up in this one!  Luckily Nicole was very patient with me. When I wasn’t blabbing on and on about me, Nicole was able to say some really extraordinary things that all of us seamsters & sewing teachers can relate to.

Her studio is above a sewing alterations shop in downtown Courtenay British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

My biggest take away from my conversation with Nicole is her killer boundary skills. I think as entrepreneurs, especially just starting out, we have a tendency to say yes to just about any job and/or opportunity that comes out way. Even if it’s something we don’t enjoy that much or is something that takes us away from the things we originally set out to do in our business.

Our conversation was a genuine reminder it is okay to say no AND saying no is a complete sentence. Some Big realizations here people!

She also seems really skilled at having personal life boundaries in her business. After feeling super burned out last year from working too many 12 hour days, she knew something had to give! This year she’s been extremely calculated in creating her teaching and working schedule to leave time for things like exercise, spending time in nature and hanging with her daughter.

My favorite quote: “I’m not saving lives, I’m teaching sewing.”

Music to my ears, girl.

If any of this resonates with you, I suggest a listen to this insightful interview with Nicole!

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