Sewing Boss Interviews

We love  getting to know other sewing business bosses who are killing it in their business.

We’ve been interviewing our favorite sewing business owners from around the world, hoping to about what makes their business tick!

I am honored to get to know these inspiring sewing bosses better and learn about what a day in the life of a sewing entrepreneur looks like. We hope you enjoy these nuggets of wisdom that each Sewing Boss seamlessly weaves into each and every conversation.

Interview with Caitlin Muro
You guys! We have a new interview with a Sewing Boss! And I mean like a BOSS BOSS! Caitlin Muro from[...]
Interview with The Stitchery RI
So I’ve been sitting on this video for about 8 months now. We had some technical difficulties in the beginning[...]
Tour of Bella’s Studio – Monterey, CA
One of the really fun things we got to do over the Sewing Boss Retreat Weekend is spend some time[...]
You’re Maker Studio Tour
I was interviewing Emily McKenna from You're Maker Studio in Thomasville, GA because she's a totally sewing boss! During the[...]
Interview with Emily McKenna
I just love what I do and find myself so grateful that my job allows me to meet cool people[...]
Amie Plumley Bonus Chat
I had the awesome privilege of sitting down and chat with Amie Petronius Plumley, the author of the awesome kids[...]