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Top 4 reason Sewing Birthday Parties are the best! – Hipstitch Academy

Top 4 reason Sewing Birthday Parties are the best!

1. Anyone can have one! Yes! ANYONE can have a sewing birthday party!
Well anyone who is turning at least 7 years old, that is! There are no pre-requisite skills for the birthday child or guests! Our sewing birthday parties are in a way where each child learns how to safely use the sewing machine at the birthday party. They then have a chance to practice their skills at the party. And then yes, they actually make a real project to take home. It’s amazing how fast kids pick up on using the sewing machine with our special sewing machines made for beginners!

2. Projects made at a kids sewing birthday party are objects of love that kids & parents will be proud of, take home, and cherish for years to come.
The projects you make at our sewing parties are not throw aways. They are quality keepsake items made from fabric that will serve as childhood memories for years and years. We all know that kids do a lot of activities. Kids make  lot of things and they bring home A LOT of stuff they make. So much that sometimes parent’s don’t know what to do with everything, let alone where to keep it all. When you attend a sewing birthday party, each guest will make an adorable project from fabric that will be finished in a way that will hold up, not fall apart and last for years to come, because it’s made of fabric. We can’t tell you how many parents we’ve met through the years who let me know they still have ALL the sewing projects their son or daughter made in in our classes or at birthday parties they’ve attended.

3. You can have a sewing birthday party just about ANYWHERE.
Yes, that’s right. Sewing birthdays can take place in all kinds of different places. They definitely don’t have to happen in a sewing studio. Our sewing parties are mobile and work wonderfully in living rooms, pizza parlors, church basements or just about anywhere there are a couple of tables and room for all the kids. Our trained instructors are used to setting up sewing machines and cutting tables in all kinds of different places. We’re really good at making the space work and we’re more than comfortable teaching kids in many different atmospheres. A sewing birthday party feels really comfortable and cozy when it’s taking place in your home. Or if you’d like to hold it in a local place of business, most places are okay with it, as long as you’re purchasing something from their establishment. The possibilities are endless when you can take the sewing birthday party on the road!

4. Since sewing is usually a brand new activity for the kids, they’re (almost) always really into it!
What kid doesn’t want to learn how to use a machine that allows you to make clothing, stuffed animals,accessories and stuff to decorate your bedroom? Especially a machine that has a gas pedal attached to it that they are allowed to control. It’s rare that you’ll find a child who is not immediately really interested in learning how to make something with a sewing machine. There’s a sense of pride you get when it’s your turn to use this machine that is ordinarily used by adults. And when learning to use it in this party setting, accompanied by our train instructors, you feel safe. You know guests are learning how to use the machine properly and safely.

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