5 Quick Website Tweaks you can make TODAY  to  get more sign ups

1. Create a very visible page that lists ALL the possible class options in one place.

People don’t like to go searching for what they’re looking for on a website! Even if you have different classes and sections and specifications, it doesn’t matter! There should be a place that customers can first click easily to what all the options are. want to highlight the differences between the classes.

2. Make every page on your website lead to another page.

Don’t bring people to your website and then lead them down a dead end street! Every page on your website should lead you to at least one more page (if not a multitude of pages). This way you are getting them to your website and keeping them there! Chances are you offer a multitude of services that you need your customer to know about. Figure out which pages are your most popular destinations on your website and then make sure there are links to the other less popular (but important) pages.

3. Add customers to add themselves to your mailing list every chance you can.

Include multiple opportunities to get on your list and be notified of future classes. Use plugins that will add pop up boxes to pages  that remind people to get on your list. Offer a discount or coupon or free gift for getting on your list.

4. Make your website menu your close friend.

Create a clear menu, post it as the header on every page and make sure it includes easy to navigate sub menus. Period. The menu is the road map to get around your website. It should offer a snapshot of all the awesome things you offer.

5. Have your phone number very visible on each and every page.

Not everyone loves to use the web to gather information about what to spend their money on. (I know hard to believe – but true!) if you have your alternate contact info clearly on each page, you’re giving those people a super way to get in touch with you in the way they feel comfortable. Yes, it can feel annoying that you’ll basically have to recite from your website. But the phone is just how some people roll and you don’t want to lose those customers by not having clearly listed your phone number.

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