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Are you Offering School Break Camps? – Hipstitch Academy

Are you Offering School Break Camps?

You've got summer sewing camps down to a science in your sewing business!  Go you!

But are you checking to see at what other dates kids are off from school during the regular school year in your local area?

If you don't plan sewing camps at these time when kids are off from school, you're missing a very important business opportunity for your sewing school. 

Even just a few days of half day and full day camp can boost your monthly revenue astronomically.

Christmas and Spring Break Swing Camps

Typically schools in my area are out a couple of days before Christmas and then usually the week between Christmas and the New Year. I always check the school calendars online to double check the exact dates. 

Some families will travel during this time. But other families who work full time will be in need of interesting things for their kids to do during the time that school is out. 

My studio always offers half day and full day camps during this time. We allow students to pick and choose the days and don't require you to sign up for the whole camp (like we require for summer camp) The Winter Break camp is never as popular as our summer camps but we will typically get anywhere from 8-16 kids on any given day. 

In our area we usually charge $65 per 1/2 day (3 hour session) and the price will go down from there based on how many days you sign up and how many kiddos are in the family.

So for a camp of 8 kids for three full days (6 total sessions), you have the potential to make an extra $3000. And this is at times when your studio is most likely not already in use.

For spring break, I'll again check to see when the locals schools in my area are out for break and offer a camp for at least a few of the days that the schools are out. 

Working families are very grateful for the chance to have a cool fun activity their kids can participate in, as well as act as childcare for the week. 

Please keep in mind these camps do not necessarily have to be taught personally by you. 

I get it. You may not want to spend your holiday break teaching kids sewing camps. This doesn't give YOU much of a break. But please try to always remember just because you offer a camp, it does not mean you have to be the only one teaching the camps all by yourself. 

Please do yourself and your business a favor and get some hired helpers lined up. It's still well worth the expense of paying someone else to teach for you during these opportune times if you do not want to do it yourself.

For us, these are the major times that we have camps besides in the summer. Is anybody out there doing school break camps at other times? I would absolutely love it if you shared that with us! 

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