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2020 Biz Goal Planning – Hipstitch Academy

2020 Biz Goal Planning

I’m guessing you’re here either watching this class live with me or watching the video later  because you have some big goals for 2020!

Maybe you’re here because you’re dreaming of starting your own business teaching other people how to sew. 

Or maybe you’ve already got a decent business going, you’ve been doing this for a year or two, but you’ve decided that 2020 is going to be the year you’re finally going to start making some money doing this. 

Or  there’s probably some of your that are here because you’re tired of fooling around and 2020 is going to be the year you take your sewing business to the next level. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in the journey, the video lesson today is going to apply to you. 

Download your Biz Goal Planning worksheet to go along with the video.

These goals you establish for this year are going to be created based on your past and wherever you already are in the entrepreneurial journey.

Today we’ll be dividing up our time together into three parts. Our past, our present and our future. Because all three of these things are extremely important to creating effective goals for the coming year. 

First off, we’ll be thinking about our year in 2019 and reflecting on the things that worked well in 2019, as well as the things that didn’t go so well in 2019. And by doing this, were going to gain valuable insight into the coming year for you. 

Next were going to tune into the present. How you’re feeling today and how do you see your future. We’ll do some visualizing that will hopefully help you to determine your goals for 2020. 

And third we’ll determine what it is we’d like to achieve in our businesses in the year 2020. 

So let’s get started. 

First, we’re going to look back on our year in 2019. I know it can be hard to just think about, okay what happened in 2019 so it’s helpful to have some prompts to help jog your memory. For me, it’s always in the photos. 

When I was doing this exercise, highlight my best and worst moments of 2019, I used my social media and literally just the photos on my phone to help jog my memory for what happened in not only my business, but also in my personal life in 2019.

I made a google doc that’s basically monthly highlight reel and for each month. It listed the highlights of things I did and events that took place for my business and for fun. I included goals I accomplished, things I was proud of, things I considered to be the most fun for the year. 

Then I went a little bit more in depth in my analysis of the last year. I started a little worksheet that went a little bit more into detail of the things that took place in my personal and business life in 2019. 

But I made it super easy for you to do these exercises with me.

Download your Biz Goal Planning worksheet to go along with the video. 


The first thing I started with was What  was the Best thing that happened to me in 2019. And I described that and how it made me feel and why it was the best. 


Then I listed out the personal and business goals and that I achieved in 2019. 


Then I wrote out the accomplishments of 2019 that I am the most proud of both in my business and personal life.  


Then I wrote down some of the things that I wished I had done, but i didn’t in 2019. 


Then I went into detail of the thing that I considered to be the most fun in 2019


Next up on my little worksheet I wrote down 3 things that I thought went really well in my personal life and then three things that went really well in my business.


Then I wrote down 3 things that happened in 2019 that could be improved in my personal life and then 3 things that could be improved in my business. 


Then I wrote down my 3 biggest personal lessons in my life and my 3 biggest lesson I learned in business. 


And I’m going to include a worksheet that you can use along with this video so you can grab that if you’re watching a replay of this or your here with me live today, I’ll be sending you can email with this worksheet. 


Okay now moving on to part two for today what I consider to be the Present.

We’re going to do some visualization exercises right now that are going to help you with your goal setting. 

I want you to close your eyes right now and start to think about your life and the way that you felt thinking about the year we just finished up. 

When reminiscing about your last year, what were some of the things that made your feel the most excited about the past year. What did you feel the strongest about?


Now use these ideas and visualizations to write down some statements about how you might envision the year ahead. 

Use the statements you’re creating and say them out loud to yourself. 

Then use the statements to create a combination of words that feels right to inspire, motivate and empower you in the coming year. 

And this can become your 2020 theme. 

Now close your eyes again and start to visualize what your year would look like if it went perfectly. 

How would your business look? 

How would your relationships look? 

What are something that you might want to leave behind from 2019? 

What are some ways you might want to improve yourself in 2020? 


Okay so for the last part of our goal setting, we’re going to take what you’ve learned from the past and the present visualizations to determine some concrete actionable goals for 2020.

So based on what we’ve just gone over together today, what is one overall thing that you want to achieve with your sewing business in 2020 and write that down.

Next I want you to write down ALL the benefits to achieving this goal in 2020.

What will achieving this goal do for your life? 

What will achieving this goal do for your family? 

What will achieving this goal do for your personal life? What will achieving this goal do for your financial situation? 

Really think about how accomplishing this goal would change and help your life and then write that down. 

Now create a list of action items that go along with achieving your overarching goal. 

Maybe list out 7 or 8 things that will need to happen in your business in order to accomplish this goal.

And there you have it. Hopefully this exeercise has helped you to determine some concrete actionable goals for 2020. And if you didn’t do this along with the class, go back and watch again and this time use the worksheet along side the video. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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I would be so excited to hear from you.

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I’ve been blogging and sharing content for the last three years over there, so there is much to be learned! It is my hope that this content helps you in your business in some way. 

Next week’s live class is going to be on Monday (that’s January 6th) at 1pm eastern time and I’ll be talking about Kids Summer Camp planning because believe it or not, even though it’s the beginning of January, it’s time to start thinking about it. 

Until then, I just want to say Happy New Year one more time. I do hope that 2020 is your best year yet, both personally and for your business!  

Like you,  I have plans plans and goals for the coming New Year for Hipstitch Academy, as well as for my sewing studio. And I hope the energy I’m sending out right now is contagious. 

So goodbye for now. See you again on Monday.

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