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2020 Class Schedule Planning – Hipstitch Academy

2020 Class Schedule Planning

We all know that when you teach sewing, your class schedule is everything. 

It's how you make your money and it's how you teach your craft. 

Today in the very first Hipstitch Academy video class (below) I'm going to be talking about how to create a class schedule that is exciting & convenient for your students, but also allows you to have a successful and profitable sewing business.

Put simply - Sewing classes are the product you sell. And without new classes coming up on your schedule, you're not making any money.

Here are 3 really important things to consider when creating your sewing class schedule:

First - You want to have Inspiring Classes on the schedule. And this means not only inspiring for your students, but also inspiring for you to teach.

Second - You are going to want to schedule your classes in a way that will be the most profitable for your business.

And Third - You’re going to want to make your class planning process as efficient as possible. 

And to help you with efficiency, I've included this handy dandy calendar template you can download and use for all your class planning. Hope it's helpful!

I've taught an entire hour long class and you can watch the entire thing right here: 

Now here’s the deal.

If you liked this free class, I’m gonna ask that you spread the word. Take a photo of your filled out class calendar or a screenshot of the video and tag it #sewingboss on social media. 

And hopefully you can join us next week for the free class. 

The topic of discussion will be email marketing and why it's (by far) the most important aspect of my marketing plan for the last 15 years. 

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