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Writing Better Emails to Fill Sewing Classes – Hipstitch Academy

Writing Better Emails to Fill Sewing Classes

Hello there! Thanks for tuning in! I am so glad you are here today. We’re going to be talking about some fun stuff, email marketing.  

I feel pretty strongly about the power of email marketing to promote our sewing classes. I think anyone who has a business like ours, should be using email marketing to your full advantage in getting people to sign up for your sewing classes. 

Before we get into the topic of email marketing any further, I want to remind you that I go live each and every week on business topics related to starting and growing your own sewing business. 

One change is thought that I’ve decided to start making these weekly business classes on Thursday each week so that the day & time is more consistent. 

So starting next week, the weekly Hipstitch Academy Classes will be happening every Thursday at 1pm eastern time. Make sure you adjust your calendars accordingly. The videos are still to be posted after, so if the Thursday 1pm eastern time doesn’t work for you, you can always watch the video after it’s posted. 

In last week’s live class, I talked about sewing summer camps for kids and the week before that I talked about Registration Policies. 

If you missed any of those, you don’t need to worry because the video replays are posted on the websites shortly after the live classes are done. 

If you’d like to check out the past videos, you can find those at 

This is where you can also check out the other upcoming video class topics.  

And in next week’s class I’m talking all about email pop up boxes.  

I think it’s time we jump into today’s topic of writing better emails to get more sewing class sign ups.

In today’s live class we’re going to be talking about the following things:

  • The objectives of email communication

  • How often to send email communication

  • Why email communication is essential in your business.

  • Formats for email communication

  • And finally tracking your email results to see which ones are getting better traction

The objectives of email communication with your customers should be a couple of things. But first and foremost you have to keep in mind that these communications are here to serve them. 

They should be an extension of the services you provide in your studio and should have the same friendly warm tone that your classes should have. 

Another objective of your email communications with your customers should be to stay in touch with them and remind them that you’re still around. That you’re teaching great classes and doing cool things. 

And finally the last objective of your emails should be to sell. You’re still a business and getting them to purchase your services is necessary. 

You can’t feel bad about this because youre a business after all. And the people that your email have OPTED to get your emails, so they are expecting it.

I’m sure some of you are wondering at this point how often to email your customers and there’s no perfect answer for this since we’re all quite different and have different businesses. 

BUT what I do want you to decide is how often you’re going to do it and then be CONSISTENT about it. Commit to your frequency and make sure the emails go out when you say they’re going to go out. 

Make your goal of your email frequency realistic to what you can easily handle. You know how busy you are so don’t bite off more than you can chew at first, but also make sure you’re having some sort of communication at least once per month. 

Next, let’s talk about why email is essential for your sewing business. I’ll start with some statistics I found online. 

Consistently I found in the statistics I found on different online marketing websites is that the conversion rate for email blows social media out of the water any day. 

The conversion rate or engagement rate for an email at about 4%, while social media is at about ½ a percent. 

This means someone is way more likely to act, click or purchase because of something you emailed them vs. something you posted on facebook or instagram.  

Another reason that email is totally essential in your business is because it’s a connection that you own. You definitely don’t own your connection with your social media followers because instagram and facebook are constantly changing the rules of who sees your posts. 

But email is controlled by you. You’ve gotten permission to communicate with your customer and you have control over whether they see your message. 

And this brings us to another reason that email is essential. These are people that have said they are interested in what you do, so much that they opted in to be on your email list. They are spending time in their inboxes and they are interested in hearing about you and your business. Give the people what they want!

Next I’d like to go over some formatting must-haves for your emails. 

The first thing is going to be a really great subject line. You want to make sure you write something here that is going to get people to open up that email and read the rest. So spend some time really thinking about a really great subject line that is going to grab people’s attention. 

The next thing is use less images and more text. This way the message will be less likely to get caught up in the spam filters. 

When you’re writing the email, try to address people by name. All email newsletter services allow you to do this. And this little thing makes your email way more personal and more likely to get read. 

And finally bring your energy into your emails. People can tell if you’re feeling fired up about what you’re doing so make sure that is translated into each email you send to your customers. 

Lastly I want to encourage you to check out the tracking information in your email service provider. It’s important to see which emails get opened, which got clicks and try to figure out why so you can do more of that in your future emails. 

If you’d like to learn more about email marketing, I have a bunch of different blog posts about this topic on the hipstitch blog that can be found at 

Be sure to check those out! And 

Don’t forget that the Sewing Camp Profit Lab online course that was just launched is only open for enrollment until the end of the month. I want everyone to have three full months to watch the training and implement the work to launch their camp. So for that reason, you can only enroll in the sewing camp profit lab 2020 until March 1st.

Get on over to to see all the details. 

If you are watching this now and still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to hear from you and more important I would love to know what’s holding you back from committing to this. 

So I will see you all again next Thursday. 

Please spread the word about these free weekly classes. If you’re finding them helpful, chances are so will other sewing studios who you follow on social  media. 

Other sewing studios are NOT our competition. We’re here to help each other get better at this and teach more people how to sew. Right?

Screenshot this video, post it on your social media and then tag me on your social media @hipstitchacademy.

Next week’s live class is going to be Thursday February 20th at 1pm eastern time and I’ll be talking about email pop up boxes.

Until then, have an awesome week. BYE.

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