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Sewing Summer Camp – Memories to Last a Lifetime – Hipstitch Academy

Sewing Summer Camp – Memories to Last a Lifetime

Create Lasting Friendships & Beautiful Keepsakes – The friends you make at summer camp are never quite the same as your school friends. For some reason those “camp” friends are put into a special category unlike the friends you spend your time with 75% of the year. At sewing summer camp the friendships created are special because of the common goal, creating something handmade & beautiful. Together with your camp friends your children are going to learn how to make things that you’re going to want to keep around. The soft, adorable projects are going to be keepsakes for many years to come.
Your child will learn skill that will last a lifetime – Patience & Teamwork – Of all the things a child will learn at sewing summer camp, we believe that patience and teamwork are the two most important skills. Learning to sew is one of those things that requires a student to stay focused to get the end result, a finished, awesome project. Each project that your child will make usually requires about 2-3 hours of continuous work to finish.  At sewing camp, this time flies by because are students love what they are doing and they are motivated by wanting to finish and have that awesome new toy, piece of clothing or accessory to take home with them. We see our students take their time, make mistakes, go back and fix them and slow dow to achieve the finished project they desire. If that’s not patience, we’re not sure what is. The other really important skill we see students walking away from sewing camp with is a new found appreciate for team work. Even though each child is making their own project in most cases, the process is one that requires help from the entire community. Maybe someone isn’t sure how to hand sew their button eyes, or a student requires their peers help getting the thread into the needle. Sewing camp fosters a true sense a community that you’re not going to find at all summer camps.
An Opportunity to get creative &  Try Something New – Sewing summer camp is a chance to try something that is totally new. Something completely different from what you learn in school. Sewing is an art form that surrounds our day to day, yet most people don’t know how to to do it. Sewing is essential for every piece of clothing, home furnishing and accessory we wear & use every day, but it’s something most people have no clue how to do! At sewing camp your child will get back to basics and have a better understanding of where their belongings come from. Learning how to sew at camp will also foster creativity skills that maybe they are not utilizing during the school year. Learning to sew requires making design decisions about the projects you create. What should the eyes look like on the stuffed panda? Where should I place the pockets of the skirts I’m designing? Which buttons should I use for this closure? Summer camp is an opportunity unlike any other summer program. 

Sewing allows for Problem Solving, Fine Motor Skills & Practical use of Math Skills – Now lets not forget about the all the technical & academic skills that kids are going to learn at a sewing camp. Yes, I said academic. If you want to find a hobby that uses math skills in a practical way they can use their whole life, sewing is that skill. Whether it’s measuring how much webbing to cut for a bag strap or how wide to make a hat opening (geometry of a circle at it’s finest!) the math they will learn is so engrained in the project your child wont even realize they’re doing math! Sewing camp is also an amazing way for your child to brush up on those fine motor skills. Does your child need extra cutting with scissors help, we’ve got that covered. How about learning how to thread a needle? We bet you’ll be asking your kids to do this for you at home when you need to replace a button for a fix a hem on your work pants.

Provides relaxed “structure” to your child’s summer plans. – And finally, even though summer camp is a structured class where your child is bound to learn valuable lessons, our camps are laid back enough that it doesn’t even come close to feeling like school. Nobody wants to attend school in the summer! But we’d all probably prefer to not have our kids laying around with nothing to do for two months. Summer camp is the perfect blend of laid back, fun creative times without the “sit at your desk and concentrate” boundaries of school.
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