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Join us once a month for an online meet up of sewing & community, no matter where you live!

On the Second Wednesday of the Month, members will learn how to sew a different quilt technique from the comfort of their own home, while hanging out with like minded friends who love sewing too.

Wednesdays 7-9pm eastern time
(6-8 central, 5-7 mountain, 4-6 pacific)

Each session offers a different quilt block pattern to work on.  Basic sewing knowledge is recommended, but no need to be a pro quilter. We will demonstrate each new technique step by step. We provide the pattern and template, but you'll need to gather your own fabric and sewing supplies.

You can sign up for the entire 6 month session or drop in for whichever quilt technique interests you!

Drop in $35 - Sign up Below

6 Month Membership $150 - March to August 2022

Upon sign up, members will receive an email with class login instructions. You'll also receive access to a password protected personalized student web page. 

Friendship Braid Piecing
Wednesday February 9th, 2021 | 7-9pm eastern time

Friendship Braid Piecing is a piecing technique used in quilting where you sew the jelly roll fabric pieces together in a way that resembles a friendship braid in your hair.

Supplies Needed:

Variety of Jelly Roll Strips (2.5" x 44")

All instruction is recorded and can be easily accessed during the class and beyond. You'll also have access to helpful on-demand sewing videos. 

This beginner sewing class will not go over threading the machine, threading the bobbin, winding the bobbin & operating the machine properly.

If you've never done this before on your own and don't feel confident doing it independently, we highly suggest signing up for a 45 Minute Sewing Machine Operators License Private (Video) Lesson . 

Past Classes:

Jelly Roll Race Piecing: It uses a Jelly Roll Fabric collection, sewn into a single, super long strip, that is then folded in half and sew together along one edge, you cut the folded edge open and then repeat.

Jelly Roll Tube Piecing: A time saving patchwork strip piecing technique. Multiple strips of fabric are sewn together into one large panel of fabric, then folded in half parallel to the seams and sewn turning your panel into a tube. The fabric tube is then cut apart as if it was one piece of fabric. The tube is then separated at one seam to make the strip cut pieces flat again.

Rag Quilt-As-You-Go: Rag quilts are quilts that have exposed seams that fray when washed. It makes a very comfy quilt that's easy to make but impressive to look at

Appliqué (pronounced app-lee-KAY) is a French word that refers to the addition of decorative fabric to a larger piece of fabric by sewing or gluing. Appliqué can be elegant or simple, and it can create realistic, geometric, or abstract designs.

Patchwork Christmas Tree Placemat: This project uses the half square triangle techniques in quilting. A half-square triangle is a square quilt block unit made from two right-angle triangles. The triangles are sewn together along their long (diagonal) side. Each triangle forms one half of the square.