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Megan’s Sewing Tool Recommendations – Hipstitch Academy

Megan’s Sewing Tool Recommendations

Since we wont be together to sew in the studio for awhile, I wanted to put together my must-haves for at home sewing. These products are all great for beginners. I chose them because they're decent quality tools for people just learning how to sew and not crazy expensive. I also chose them because they're available for quick shipping on Amazon Prime so you can get started ASAP. 

Please note: These machines come with extra bobbins & seam rippers.

First Choice:

Metal Bobbins - 32 Pack

Empty Bobbins Spool Box

Bobbins Ring Saver

Set of 2 Bobbin Box Organizers

Cotton & Steel Wildflowers Aqua

Cotton & Steel Welsummer Forage

Cotton & Steele Rifle Paper Co. Amalfi Black Forest Linen

Cotton & Steel Rifle Paper Co. Hydrangea

Stof France Jersey Knit Gasby Maine

Stof France Noisette Stretch Jersey Knit

Stof France Renardo Stretch Knit

Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles, Pack of 16

Linen Fabric - 3 Pack

Embroidery Hoops

DMC Thread Collectors Tin


Embroidery Floss Rainbow Color 50 Skeins Per Pack

Embroidery Floss Kit

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