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Fabric Face Masks – 3 for $40 – Hipstitch Academy

Fabric Face Masks – 3 for $40


Masks will ship or deliver 5 business days after order is placed. We have been making masks and donating them like crazy to people who need them and don’t have them. We wish we could GIVE them away to everyone, but like any hand sewn item, the materials and time costs money. So we’ve started offering our masks for sale.

Our masks are 100% cotton, reversible & have a pouch inside where you can place extra filter materials, if you wish. They’re made well and can be easily washed over and over and again. They are held on with soft elastic (stretchy) straps that go around your ears.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to choose your fabric. Each mask is made with two different contrasting fabrics, nothing overly girly.

If you would like to give/send us fabric to use for your mask order, indicate this in the notes. Price is the same.

If you’d like kids sizes, please include it in the notes section.

Please note, we’re not selling single masks. We’re selling three masks for $40 and this includes free priority mail shipping anywhere in US. Please note: No refunds, returns or exchanges for obvious reasons.

If you have any trouble placing the order here on our website, feel free to place the order on venmo @maverydesigns. Include shipping information in the notes.


For Local Orders (Hoboken & Jersey City):  

Hoboken orders are being delivered.

If you're in the local area & make a note on the order that you'd like to pick up, I'll email them when you're ready. Most likely you'll get them a little faster. 

Please note:  Before you email me to ask me where your masks are, I ask that you understand we've been overwhelmed with mask orders. For the most part, we stay on top of them. There aren't a lot of breaks in sewing (even on weekends) because I know how important these masks are to people. But looking up your order takes time away from actually making the item. As mentioned above, orders are shipping or delivering 4 business days after you place the order. We appreciate your support, as well as your patience.

Please note:  These masks are not for resale. I'm working as fast as I possibly can so everyone who orders can be protected.
And I'm keeping the price VERY reasonable considering they're all hand made by me personally.
Please don't buy them to re-sell them. Thank you.