Kids Sewing Curriculum Collections

All our kids sewing class curriculum is appropriate for sewing classes for kids ages 7 and up. Each theme collection includes 5 projects. The projects in the theme go in order from beginner to more intermediate so you students can be challenged as they get better at sewing. All projects patterns and tutorials have been tested used countless times for sewing classes in our own sewing studio.

Here is everything included in the Themed Curriculum Download:

-PDF print-at-home sewing pattern for each project
-PDF print-at-home Instructor Lesson Plan Tutorial for each project
-PDF print-at-home project Student Tutorials with full color photographs for each step. This way your students can follow along if you choose.
-New sewing concepts and vocabulary with each project (included in lesson plan tutorial).
-Suggestions for shortening and lengthening each project based on class time restraints and students skill levels (included in lesson plan tutorial).
-Three Hi-Res photographs of finished projects you can use for marketing purposes.

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