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Your Business IS your Website I couldn’t agree more.If your very own website is the only thing standing in your way of having or growing your sewing school or music school business, let us help! 

I have always designed and maintained my own website for every business I’ve ever had. 

I’ve become pretty good at creating websites that sell. 

I also feel strongly about business owners having full creative control over their own website.

Hipstitch Academy is now offering services and one-on-one training to set up websites for your business!  

Let me help you create a clean, stylish, user friendly website for your sewing business.

Then I will teach you how to design & create it yourself.

Your website will include all the information about your business, all your class listings, as well as the the ability to have customers sign up & pay for classes & lessons online.

Your brand new website will resemble the sewing school template we’ve created here.

Turn around time is approximately 1 month.

Here’s everything that is included in this package:

  • Domain Name Set Up (If you need this)
  • Website Hosting Set Up
  • Live Website Set Up
  • Dedicated Email Set Up (If you choose)
  • Sewing Class Scheduling Software Set Up
  • Mailchimp Promotional Email Set Up
  • 1 Hour Coaching – Creating & Updating Your Website Yourself
  • 1 Hour Coaching – Creating & Updating Your Sewing Class Scheduling Software Yourself
  • Access to our library of videos to help you do this yourself.

“Yesterday as I was working on my website, everything was just coming together so nicely. I had the thought to reach out to you and thank you. Being able to have a website for my business was paramount and has been a goal of mine for the last 5 years and now I actually have one. Amazing!!! I had not been able to manage this before you offered your expertise. The steps you set up and walked me through have made me a champion of my own website. I am stunned that I can sit down and confidently add, move, and change things on my very own website. Yesterday I felt like a pro, haha.

Thank you so very much for being a patient and kind teacher of all things related to having a sewing business!!! “

Kathy Greiner

Design Sew Create, LLC

Here is how the package breaks out:


Domain Name Paid to Squarespace $20/Year
Dedicated Email Address Paid to Squarespace $72/year (Optional)
Hosting Paid to Squarespace $312/Year (or $30 month)
Scheduling & Payment Processing Paid to Acuity Scheduling & Stripe $15 month + cc processing fees
Promotional Email Service Mailchimp Free (under 2000 subscribers)
Website Creation Package Paid to Hipstitch Academy $499

Upon signing up, you better be ready to have your website created because we’ll be emailing you soon after so we can get started ASAP.

    Here is the list of pages that we’ll set you up with. Remember, this list is in no way exhaustive. You’ll have the ability to create new ones and take any of these down if they don’t apply. This is just what set up for you. 
  • Homepage
  • Adult Classes Full Schedule
  • Adult Class 1
  •  Adult Class 2
  • Adult Class 3
  • Adult Class 4
  • Kids Classes Full Schedule
  • Kids Class 1
  • Kids Class 2
  • Kids Class 3
  • Kids Class 4
  • Sewing Lessons
  • Sewing Parties
  • Kids
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • About Our Studio
  • About Our Instructors
  • About Our Policies
  • Gift Certificates
  • Social Media
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