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We are an online sewing studio. This means you can take our sewing classes from ANYWHERE. 

There is no physical sewing studio location.

Our Sewing Classes for Kids & Adults are taught using live video instruction on zoom. 

For 17 years we had a physical sewing studio in Hoboken NJ where we taught thousands of people how to sew.

Now using modern video technology and our years of expertise in sewing education, we’re on a mission to teach even more people how to sew.

Check the menus above to learn more about what we do. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Rachael has always loved creating things and learning the process of how something is made. As a young girl she would spend hours making woven potholders on a small plastic loom, knotting friendship bracelets with embroidery thread, or drawing and coloring in a sketchbook. But when she learned how to sew, everything made sense! 

Her love of sewing began in her middle school home economics class. She had a wonderful teacher who taught hand sewing and sewing machine basics and Rachael never looked back!

She graduated the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and has been a freelance designer and seamstress for the past 15 years.

Working with M Avery Designs Sewing Studio allows Rachel to inspire creativity through sewing and to teach anyone who wants to learn.

The first thing sewing studio owner Megan ever sewed is a quilted jacket with giant frog toggles. It was a project for her 4-H Club Clothing Review when she was ten and an active member in her local 4-H club, The Handy Helpers.

What she loves most about teaching sewing is that she can relive this experience almost daily with her sewing students. Her studio M Avery Designs, and sewing, still bring her the same happiness she felt at ten sewing with the 4-H Club. She strives to pass this on to her students, from kids as young as age 6 to adults who have never picked up a needle and thread.

As a full time creative entrepreneur for the last 18+ years, Megan has gone from custom handbag designer, to sewing instructor & studio owner, to creative business coach helping others to have successful sewing schools.