Start A Sewing Business

Sewing is your passion. But have you considered actually turning it into a profitable business?

We're at a really great time in history to consider starting a business teaching sewing. For starters, Sewing is no longer offered in schools, so people aren't learning how to do it. Second - kids & adults are staring at screens (phones, laptops, smart boards, etc) for more hours of the day than we'd all like to admit and are yearning for something different. 

Making an item with your hands from start to finish is a foreign concept to most kids and adults these days.  

Here is where your business opportunity comes into play! 

I don't have to tell you about all the wonderful side effects of sewing because you already know: 

  • Sewing improves hand eye coordination.
  • Sewing teaches patience & perseverance.
  • Sewing enhances your problem solving skills & resourcefulness.
  • You can save money by making the things you wear/use most.
  • Sewing is great stress relief - Some say even better than therapy.
  • Sewing encourages creativity and independence.
  • Sewing is social (some might say sew-cial) and a wonderful way to meet new friends.

Imagine if it was your job to teach other people how to sew? Imagine if it was your profession to help your customers enrich their lives in all the ways listed above? Seriously - How cool would that be?

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