Sewing School Startup Academy

Super excited to announce the launch of our totally FREE program Sewing School Start-Up Academy! This is a brand new Hipstitch Academy learning program for newbie sewing school owners and those who need an extra kick in the pants to make the dream of having your very own sewing studio to teach sewing a reality!

The Sewing School Start Up Academy is a totally free weeklong program that will be open to 20-30 future sewing bosses through a private facebook group. 
Join me for the Next Session: September 23-27, 2019

The program will consist of five days of brand new content in the form of facebook posts, question and answer sessions, as well as instructional/motivational videos from Hipstich Academy creator & sewing business coach Megan Avery.  

Topics for each day will be as follows:

Day 1 - Who Will I Teach?
​Day 2 - What Will I Teach?
​Day 3 - Where and When Will I Teach?
​Day 4 - What Do I Need? What are the Startup Supplies & Costs?
​Day 5 - How Do I Attract & Keep Students?

The other really cool thing about being part of the Sewing School Startup Academy is the community of really cool people you're going to meet going through the same journey as you! 

Then after you complete the week of SSSA, you'll graduate. You'll continue to be a member of our private facebook alumni group, along with everyone else who has ever completed our program.

Talk about finding your people! 

Application Process:

The application process is ongoing, so if this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please fill out the following form and tell us about yourself. We only have spots for up to 20 people per session.

We're asking everyone interested to share some information about yourself and your existing or potential business to make sure that everyone participating is a good fit for this program.

Once we hear from you, we'll get back to you in a day or two with details about how to join the private facebook group and you'll get instructions from there.