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This Sewing Teachers Most Beloved Tool – Hipstitch Academy

This Sewing Teachers Most Beloved Tool

Does anyone else have that thing, that special tool that you use in all your sewing classes that you think you might lose your mind if you don't have?

Well, for me it's that little pin cushion that is attached to each of our sewing machines. I think we have about 30 sewing machines in total that we use for teaching classes. Each machine has one of these babies attached to it. 

It's that little pillow that I can take on and off the machine. But mostly it stays on there. When people are sewing and removing their pins as they go, it's the handy place that all the pins will go into,  directly from their project.

This way people don't have to remember to bring their stand alone pin cushion from cutting table to sewing machine with them, because who really ever remembers to do that. 

This way people don't have to wear those awful wrist pin cushions.

And this way, there aren't a million little pins all over my floors and tables. 

I love these things! 

And today I made a little video to pay homage to this little tool that I love. 

It's also a super quick tutorial so you can make your own. 

You'll thank me later 🙂

xo, Megan



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