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The Mend & Repair Lab will teach you how to take the clothing you already own and don't wear into your favorite pieces. In this 3 week class you'll learn important sewing techniques to mend things that are ripped, torn or not fashion functional. You'll also learn creative ways to make the things you don't love into well fitting fashionable clothing that will become heavy in your clothing rotation. You'll also learn fun ways to take thrift store clothing and breathe new life into them, rescuing them from the landfill.

Skills you'll learn: 

  • Hemming, blind hemming & jeans hemming
  • Replacing Buttons & Zippers
  • Visible (Sashiko) Mending on Jeans
  • Darning & repairing worn fabric
  • Creative Patchwork to Fix Holes
  • Fixing Torn Seams
  • Shortening a skirt, dress or shirt

Mend & Repair Lab is currently being offered virtually At Home with Live Video Instruction. Our experienced sewing instructors will teach you how using high quality video lessons with a live instructor answering your questions along the way. 

Click here to read our suggestions for Optimal Sewing Class at Home.

Upon sign up for the class, students will receive an email with class login instructions. You'll also receive access to a password protected personalized student web page. This page will include complimentary PDF copies of the patterns & step-by-step instructions for each of the projects worked on in class.  

All class instruction is recorded and can be easily accessed during the class and beyond. You'll also have access to helpful on-demand sewing videos. 

This beginner sewing class will go over threading the machine, threading the bobbin, winding the bobbin & operating the machine properly.

However,  if you've never done this before on your own and don't feel confident doing it independently, we highly suggest signing up for a 45 Minute Sewing Machine Operators License Private (Video) Lesson .