Grow Your Business

Your sewing business can be as big or small as you want it to be. 

That's the beauty of having your own business. You call all the shots. 

There are plenty of people out there that will happily teach a few classes on the weekends and have what some might call a hobby business. Maybe it's a side hustle or maybe it's in conjunction with staying home with your small kids. There is nothing wrong with this! 

But if you're looking to grow your business and really make a good living doing this, we'd like to be the first to say this is possible!  


When I started teaching sewing, I didn't have the luxury of just making this my hobby job or my side hustle. I needed to be profitable right from the get-go. I did have some contract work on the side to supplement my income when I was first starting out. But I needed to have a full class schedule so I could make money to pay my bills. Hipstitch Academy came about as my way of sharing with you the things I've done to tweak my sewing business to grow and scale it to the point of making a 6 figure income.

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