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Our goal over here at Hipstitch Academy is to help you start and grow your sewing studio business.

We have a lot of experience and it's important to us to share it with you so more people learn how to sew. 

Spend some time in this section because this is where we, along with some other amazing sewing bosses, share all our secrets of success. Enjoy.

Interview with Caitlin Muro
You guys! We have a new interview with a Sewing Boss! And I mean like a BOSS BOSS! Caitlin Muro from[...]
Dealing with Sewing Donations
I'm definitely someone who doesn't like to waste anything. I hate throwing food away that I didn't get a chance[...]
Quit Doing Everything Yourself
if I could go back and start my business all over again knowing what I know now, I'd definitely have[...]
Crafting My Ideal Daily Routine
I'm on my way back from a really wonderful visit with my in laws. My husband didn't even come with[...]
I am going to Challenge Myself
I'm not going to buy new clothes for at least 1 year. I declared this 1 months ago on social media[...]
Summer Group Coaching – 4 Spots
I am super excited to let you know about my latest offering GROUP COACHING!!No longer is one-on-one personal coaching the[...]