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Our goal over here at Hipstitch Academy is to help you start and grow your sewing studio business.

We have a lot of experience and it's important to us to share it with you so more people learn how to sew. 

Spend some time in this section because this is where we, along with some other amazing sewing bosses, share all our secrets of success. Enjoy.

Own Your Cancellation Policies
Yesterday I made a video talking about private sewing lessons. In this video I shared my experiences around teaching private[...]
2020 Biz Goal Planning
I’m guessing you’re here either watching this class live with me or watching the video later  because you have some[...]
Fashion Lab NY Sewing Studio Tour
You know how much we LOVE to get to see in the insides of other peoples sewing studios. Don't you?[...]
Interview with Arlene Kay
“The most important aspect of FLNY is to inspire uniqueness while encouraging students to create their own sense of style[...]
How I Became A Sewing Teacher
I've been hearing from you quite a bit these days that you need help with marketing. You need help getting[...]
Interview with Viviana Rodriguez
Over Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to travel to Puerto Rico. While I was there I caught up with my[...]