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Our goal over here at Hipstitch Academy is to help you start and grow your sewing studio business.

We have a lot of experience and it's important to us to share it with you so more people learn how to sew. 

Spend some time in this section because this is where we, along with some other amazing sewing bosses, share all our secrets of success. Enjoy.

Our Curriculum At Work
Recently I got this email from Viviana who is the owner of Costura Elemental in Puerto Rico. It made me[...]
Visualize a Great Sewing Class
Visualization techniques have been used for many years by successful people. People use visualization all the time to make powerful[...]
Sewing Teacher Self Care
I don't know about you, but it took me awhile to acknowledge that I needed some self care after I[...]
Tour of Bella’s Studio – Monterey, CA
One of the really fun things we got to do over the Sewing Boss Retreat Weekend is spend some time[...]
Sewing Boss Weekend Asilomar 2018 Success
What happens when you bring 7 total Sewing Bosses together for a weekend together? Pure magic, that's what! I'm still[...]
Testimonial from a Sewing Boss in Massachusetts
It feels a little funny to toot my own horn like this, but I was just tickled when I received[...]