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Email Marketing – Where the heck do I begin? – Hipstitch Academy

Email Marketing – Where the heck do I begin?

SEW you’re ready to up your email marketing game!


Let me help you get started!

First off – Don’t worry about how small your email list is!

That will grow. Everybody has got to start somewhere, right?

But right now, just jump right in and start writing an awesome email to your database!

Write an email that is immediately going to have an impact on people signing up for your classes!

Couple pointers:

  • Get right to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. You’re telling your customers about what you have going on and the purpose is to get people to sign up. Try to just that.
  • Don’t include EVERYTHING you have going on. I find emails are way more effective if you stick to one or two majors things you have going on. Too many messages gets way overwhelming for your reader!
  • Don’t include a bunch of photos. People love emails that seems like they’re personally talking to them. Everyone is sick of real promotional type emails full of huge images, selling selling selling. Describe what you have going in non-pushy sales language. Maybe include one photo and that’s it.
  • Use your BCC & NEVER write an email from your regular email system and copy a bunch of people on it. All it takes one angry person to hit reply all and you’ve got a situation!


Not sure what to write? Okay we can help with that as well!

Would you like a free example of high converting promotion email we sent recently?
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