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Custom Sewing, Mending & Alterations – Hipstitch Academy

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Custom Sewing, Mending & alterations

Don't let your clothes that need minor repairs and alterations sit unworn a minute longer. We're here to help you fix that pile of clothes and home items so they can be worn and used again.

Mending Matters

You can either schedule some sewing lesson time with me and I'll teach you how to fix your own clothes! Or let be your magic fairy. I will fix that zipper, mend those holes, hem those pants or take in that dress.  And even if you're not local to the Catskills, you can ship your items to me and I'll send them back, good as new! 

If you have something (or many somethings) that need some TLC,
reach out to Megan using the form below: 

Please try to describe the project(s) to the best of your ability.
Sometimes we're unable to give a price quote until we actually see the item in person.