Our Purpose

Hi, I’m Megan Avery, the Hipstitch Academy founder.  I’ve been successfully teaching sewing to adults and kids in my sewing studio M Avery Designs for over 12 years. I opened my sewing studio in Hoboken, NJ in 2004 when I saw my community asking for classes & workshops on how to sew & be creative.

I love sewing, creativity & making things with my hands.

More importantly, I love teaching others how to do all of these things.

Here is why I created Hipstitch Academy:

  • To form a community of like minded sewing teachers and business owners.

  • To empower others to teach people how to sew, anywhere in the world.

  • To let people, existing businesses & aspiring sewing business owners know it IS possible to make a living doing what you love – teaching others how to sew.

Here are some of our adorable M Avery Designs Sewing Studio veteran stitchers who keep coming back for more sewing year after year:


We truly believe all people, young & old can benefit from learning how to sew & be creative. And the benefits of sewing—developing motor skills, learning responsibility, expressing creativity, and making decisions—foster a healthy sense of independence and appreciation.

Now more than ever, with computer and smartphone screens dominating everyday life, it’s essential to remind people what it’s like to make something with your hands, something you made yourself.

The M Avery Designs Studio has always taught sewing in a new, modern way. We have years of experience teaching countless kids & adults how to sew. Our popular classes & workshops on this traditional craft have helped to foster a love of working with your hands for children and adults, alike.

Our work developing proprietary sewing + design curriculum (including camps, workshops, projects, lessons and parties) with Sew Fun Studios, a children’s educational franchise with owners internationally, has proven our model for teaching sewing works not only in our studio & classrooms in NJ, but truly all over the world!

Hipstitch Academy is our experience, insight and expertise in Sewing + Education. It’s for hobby sewists, small business owners, educators & anyone who wants to teach others how to sew.