Earth Day, Every Day | Kids Sewing Class Curriculum

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The Earth Day, Every Day sewing curriculum theme includes all the lesson plans, patterns & tutorials you need to teach your very first successful kids (1st – 6th grade) sewing class and make these FIVE projects:

The Earth Day, Every Day sewing project theme includes five brand new fun, trendy & ecologically friendly sewing projects.

The patterns, tutorials & lesson plans for these helpful & re-usable items will teach kids how to sew and make innovative sewing projects from start to finish. They’ll also learn how to limit the impact they have on the earth by creating projects to help them do that..

No more throw away hot beverage sleeves & plastic snack bags, a tote perfect to carry around your re-usable water bottle, an adorable place to store shopping bags for re-use and a re-usable shopping tote you’ll never leave home without.

Each project can be easily customized to fit any sized child. They’re all totally wearable, yet simple enough for even the beginning stitcher to complete. The projects go in order from easier to more difficult. All projects require less than 1 yard of basic sewing fabrics.

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-All projects are totally adorable & wearable/usable.

-All projects can be easily customized to fit any sized child (when applicable).

-All projects are simple enough for any beginning stitcher, yet can be made more challenging for more experienced students.

-All projects require less than 1 yard of basic sewing fabrics.

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Here is everything included in the Project Package:

  • Five PDF print-at-home sewing patterns.
  • Five PDF print-at-home project tutorials with full color photographs for each step.
  • Lesson plans for teaching each project to sewing students aged 7-14.
  • New sewing concepts and vocabulary with each project.
  • Suggestions for shortening and lengthening each project based on class time restraints and students skill levels.
  • Hi-Res photographs of all finished projects to be used for marketing purposes.
  • Marketing description of curriculum theme and each project in theme.
  • Projects that have actually been tested in kids sewing classes.