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Hi – I’m Megan Avery and I’m the Hipstitch Academy founder. I’ve been  running my successful sewing business M Avery Designs Sewing Studio in Hoboken, NJ for over 12 years!

I’ve become an expert in marketing creative classes for adults & kids, managing multiple instructors and the day to do of a bustling sewing business, development of age & skill appropriate sewing projects, all while still teaching some of the sewing classes.

I know the experience and expertise I have acquired over the years of running my own successful business can help so many people around the world do the same thing!

Because of this I’ve decided to start  offering one-on-one live & video consulting sessions.

Megan’s Business Consulting Specialties Include:

  • Starting your sewing business.
  • Growing your sewing business.
  • Scaling your sewing business.
  • Development of classes that fill up.
  • Marketing your sewing classes.
  • How to get started teaching kids to sew.
  • How to get started teaching adults to sew.
  • Email marketing to fill your sewing classes.
  • Social media marketing to fill your sewing classes.

Here’s what people have to say about working with Megan:
My training was awesome! In the last decade Megan has seen a lot. She knows what works and she is very successful! Picking her brain and hearing her story was the most beneficial part of my training. Over the last year I have run into different situations and thought to myself “oh Megan was right” or “ah ha! That’s what she was talking about!” She gets really specific when she trains you and truly knows exactly how to guide you in the right direction. 

Megan is awesome! She has a cool confidence in everything she does with her business. She is working hard to build a sewing community where owners can share ideas.

She’s truly my sewing business mentor! I talk about Megan all the time with my staff! I share her stories with them and use her experiences/advice as I’m running my business. Everyone will make the business their own but when things get tricky and you need some help she is the person you want to get on the phone.
Kaitlyn Baeten | Sew Fun Studios – Frisco, TX


The initial in-person training was great because it was hands-on and allowed me to see that the kids can do it. I also learned what to look for in instructors. The ongoing support from Megan has helped me keep going and believe that I can make the business work and grow. From my perspective, Megan has a good work ethic. She has built an amazing business, and she is a great asset to have in in anyone’s business.
Kenya Walker | Sew Fun Studios – Decatur, GA


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