Do You Teach Sewing? Care to Video Chat?

Hey there! Yes you! The one covered in threads!  I noticed you teach sewing like the rest of us around here. Welcome!

If you’re reading this post, I guess that means you’ve made it to our little online community we lovingly call the Hipstitch Academy. We’re still getting things off the ground over there, but were basically a corner of the internet where people who teach sewing and/or having a sewing business can connect with each other.

I’ve working hard to create tribe of like minded creative souls (like you!) and would love for you to be a part of it! We tend to chat & connect on what it’s like to run our own business, what some of our favorite techniques are for teaching sewing, how we promote our business and so many other things related to sewing & being a successful entrepreneur.

One of the things I love doing most over at HA is “Sewing Boss” video interviews with other sewing studio owners like yourself. I absolutely love getting to know other folks who do what I do in different parts of the world.

Do you think you might consider sitting down for a recorded video chat with me to share with the HA community what goes into running your awesome studio Made by Me Sewing Studio???

I promise this is totally casual & the interview should be longer than a 30-45 minutes.  I’ll send you example questions before we chat. But hopefully what will come from it is an organic, connected conversation between two sewing studio business owners, chatting about doing the thing they love.

There are a few interviews up on the website already. Take a look/listen at what other studio owners have had to say. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty inspiring.  And I’m thinking that what you’ve got to say will inspire others too!

Please send us an email if you think you’d be into this and I’ll get back to you right away with some dates so we can nail down a day & time to video chat!  I really look  forward to hearing back from you! 

xo, Megan

PS: In case you didn’t already know – We also host monthly online video chats (virtual coffee dates “Brady Bunch” style) on different topics related to running a sewing business. I would be honored to have you join one of our discussions! Check it out to see what topics to discussion we’ve got coming up. You can also watch past video chats.


Yay – Back to school time means back to sewing class!

These days, no doubt, there are a LOT of  after school enrichment class opportunities at schools!  It doesn’t matter which school you attend, chances are there’s some sort of after care program. Usually this involves vendors coming in to teach specialty classes for things they probably aren’t learning in their regular school day.

And if it’s not school enrichment classes, there is soccer, dance, piano lessons, choir , fencing and so many more amazing activities that your child can choose from to supplement their school day education.

So why would anyone choose after school sewing class this year, you ask?

Here are a couple reasons we feel strongly that after school sewing classes make total sense.

  1. Learning how to sew, either using a needle & thread or using a sewing machine will get your child away from all the screens! At least for a little while.  There are no screens (laptop, phone, computer, iPad or otherwise) in sewing. This is a class where kids are going to use their imaginations to create things with their hands using fabric, thread and creativity. There are few activities these days that don’t involve a computer and  basically create something from nothing with your hands. Sewing is one of those precious activities and all kids need a little bit more of that in their life, don’t you think?
  2. Taking an after school sewing class reinforces the things you learn in school! Ever heard of STEM?? Yeah we figured you had! Well, sewing is one of those activities that has a little bit of all things STEM. In sewing we talk a lot about how things are made and what makes up our clothes. What is cotton made of and where does it come from? How is fabric created? These are all science questions that we talk about often in sewing. For technology, you can’t get any more technical than having your third grader learn how to use a piece of machinery that literally makes the clothing we wear everyday. For engineering, that’s pretty much what sewing is all about. Figuring out the best method of creating an actual thing of of fabric and thread. And finally math. Yep, sewing is math,  as well. How do you think we figure out how long a bag strap should be, or how big the circumference of the circle skirt pattern should be, or how big to make the beret? It’s ALL math!
  3. Learning sewing in a class teaches you other important life skills your children wont learn in school! Sewing class will help your child flex their creative muscle. While physical strength and getting exercise are important, so is using your brain to it’s utmost creative potential. Sewing allows students to use their creativity in a way that really isn’t allowed in school anymore. The sewing projects they’ll work on in our classes will allow design opportunities that you don’t find in most school curriculum. Making decisions about how to design something is a practical skill that will help them later in life and in careers like engineering, fashion design, interior design, architecture, product design and so much more.
  4. Arts in School is Becoming a Thing of the Past! More and more, sewing, art classes, music classes or anything to have to do with the arts in general is not taught in our schools anymore. There is such a focus on academics and test scores that the arts are getting pushed aside at alarming rates.After school sewing classes give our students a taste of creative art even if it’s after the normal school day. In a sewing class, we teach children to use their hands to create an adorable stuffed animal, a beautiful piece of clothing or a handmade birthday gift for their parent that I know will be cherished for years and years after they took the class with me. This is very special and not something you see in art class anymore!

Sewing Summer Camp – Memories to Last a Lifetime

Create Lasting Friendships & Beautiful Keepsakes – The friends you make at summer camp are never quite the same as your school friends. For some reason those “camp” friends are put into a special category unlike the friends you spend your time with 75% of the year. At sewing summer camp the friendships created are special because of the common goal, creating something handmade & beautiful. Together with your camp friends your children are going to learn how to make things that you’re going to want to keep around. The soft, adorable projects are going to be keepsakes for many years to come.
Your child will learn skill that will last a lifetime – Patience & Teamwork – Of all the things a child will learn at sewing summer camp, we believe that patience and teamwork are the two most important skills. Learning to sew is one of those things that requires a student to stay focused to get the end result, a finished, awesome project. Each project that your child will make usually requires about 2-3 hours of continuous work to finish.  At sewing camp, this time flies by because are students love what they are doing and they are motivated by wanting to finish and have that awesome new toy, piece of clothing or accessory to take home with them. We see our students take their time, make mistakes, go back and fix them and slow dow to achieve the finished project they desire. If that’s not patience, we’re not sure what is. The other really important skill we see students walking away from sewing camp with is a new found appreciate for team work. Even though each child is making their own project in most cases, the process is one that requires help from the entire community. Maybe someone isn’t sure how to hand sew their button eyes, or a student requires their peers help getting the thread into the needle. Sewing camp fosters a true sense a community that you’re not going to find at all summer camps.
An Opportunity to get creative &  Try Something New – Sewing summer camp is a chance to try something that is totally new. Something completely different from what you learn in school. Sewing is an art form that surrounds our day to day, yet most people don’t know how to to do it. Sewing is essential for every piece of clothing, home furnishing and accessory we wear & use every day, but it’s something most people have no clue how to do! At sewing camp your child will get back to basics and have a better understanding of where their belongings come from. Learning how to sew at camp will also foster creativity skills that maybe they are not utilizing during the school year. Learning to sew requires making design decisions about the projects you create. What should the eyes look like on the stuffed panda? Where should I place the pockets of the skirts I’m designing? Which buttons should I use for this closure? Summer camp is an opportunity unlike any other summer program. 

Sewing allows for Problem Solving, Fine Motor Skills & Practical use of Math Skills – Now lets not forget about the all the technical & academic skills that kids are going to learn at a sewing camp. Yes, I said academic. If you want to find a hobby that uses math skills in a practical way they can use their whole life, sewing is that skill. Whether it’s measuring how much webbing to cut for a bag strap or how wide to make a hat opening (geometry of a circle at it’s finest!) the math they will learn is so engrained in the project your child wont even realize they’re doing math! Sewing camp is also an amazing way for your child to brush up on those fine motor skills. Does your child need extra cutting with scissors help, we’ve got that covered. How about learning how to thread a needle? We bet you’ll be asking your kids to do this for you at home when you need to replace a button for a fix a hem on your work pants.

Provides relaxed “structure” to your child’s summer plans. – And finally, even though summer camp is a structured class where your child is bound to learn valuable lessons, our camps are laid back enough that it doesn’t even come close to feeling like school. Nobody wants to attend school in the summer! But we’d all probably prefer to not have our kids laying around with nothing to do for two months. Summer camp is the perfect blend of laid back, fun creative times without the “sit at your desk and concentrate” boundaries of school.

Sewing Boss Interview – Tracy McElfresh of Tracy’s Sewing Studio Dayton OH

The other day I got to interview the mega-talented Tracy McElfresh! She’s the proud owner of Tracy’s Sewing Studio in Kettering Ohio.

Her studio is a little bit custom design, a little bit alterations and a little bit teaching studio!

We chatted about her super popular “All you can eat Embroidery & Scone workshops” and I found myself considering driving to Ohio to attend one!

I especially love Tracy’s historical costume work and I just discovered her Vlog where she posts really insightful videos of some of her fantastic techniques. It was a real pleasure to finally (virtually) meet her!

Check out our interview below:

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Sewing Boss Interview – Jesy Anderson of Needle, Ink & Thread in Beavercreek OH

This morning I drank a lot of coffee and chatted with my friend & sewing boss Jesy Anderson about her experience having her own sewing business. She’s the proud owner of Needle, Ink & Thread  a sewing (and a little bit crafting) studio in Beavercreek, OH.

We talked about how she learned to sew when she was an adult, how she failed home ec in junior high for not backstitching (a woman after my own heart!), how having your own sewing business means being able to create a schedule that works for YOU, about her upcoming trip to Quilt Market in St. Louis and so many other things! I absolutely loved starting my day shooting the breeze about all things entrepreneurial with Jesy! I hope you do too!

Check out our interview below:

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Sewing Boss Interview – Alison Parker ricRACK NOLA in New Orleans, La

Today I had an awesome chat with sewing boss Alison Parker, the owner of ricRack Nola,  a sewing studio in New Orleans La.

We talked about how she went from her career in costumes, film & television to start her sewing business about 4 1/2 years ago. We also talked about how entrepreneurship affords you amazing opportunities to take 3 months off to get married and go on your honeymoon!

Check out our interview below:

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Sewing Boss Interview – Yolanda Stiger from Sew Houston in Houston Tx

I am SEW honored to chat with sewing boss Yolanda Stiger, the owner of Sew Houston in Houston Tx.

We talked about how she became interested in sewing, how she got her business started and how a cupcake led her to her awesome & affordable storefront studio space.

I found myself relating so much to how her business evolved, how she does things at her studio and her life as an entrepreneur. I have a feeling you will too.  Check it out below:

We’ve got more sewing boss interviews here.

Virtual Coffee Date – We Chatted about Materials & Supplies for your Sewing Business

In this Hipstitch Academy virtual coffee date, we talked about all things related to the materials & supplies needed for class and what your policies are for the classes we teach.

Here are some topics of discussion we touched upon in the discussion:

  • Do you include your materials in the cost of your sewing classes?
  • Does your business model include selling fabric and supplies to your students?
  • If you sell fabrics and supplies to your students, do you find it challenging to stay stocked with enough fabrics/supplies to keep your students happy and allow choice?
  • Do you allow your students to bring in fabrics/supplies from outside sources?It was so much fun talking to the Hipstitch Academy community about all the things you do in your sewing business.

You should join us for the next Virtual Coffee Date – The calls are totally laid back. It’s like getting coffee with new friends to talk about what we do! We’re all located in different parts of the world, so why not share the knowledge. I created the Hipstitch Academy because this type of community for sewing teachers and sewing business owners didn’t exist to my knowledge, so I created it! It would mean so much to me for you join us and be part!

Couple Video Call Rules:

Join us on Video – Not just audio. It helps to facilitate the call a little better if we can see each other. I’m finding it prevents people from talking over each other a little when we can see who’s speaking and it’s fun to put a name to a face! Nobody cares what’s in your background and whether or not you chose to put on makeup that day 🙂 Thanks!!

Please be at one of the following stages of your business:
a.) Already up & running your own sewing business.
b.) Currently teaching sewing to adults and/or kids.
c.) Looking to start teaching and/or running your own sewing business in the near future.
Here is the link to RSVP for the call.