Don’t Be Afraid to Stretch It Out

Don’t be afraid to sew with stretch knit fabrics!    So many people I have worked with and taught really want to learn to sew with stretchy knits, but are completely afraid to try it. I’m not really sure why this is, but I would guess it’s based on what they’ve heard about sewing knits. The word on the sewing… Read more →

Me with my students from very first sewing class.

Sew – You think you want to teach sewing?

Life is funny! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would make a career out of teaching people how to sew. Writing this post has been a big trip down memory lane for me. Starting from my very first sewing workshop back in 2004, all the way to today where my amazing staff of sewing teachers are about to dismiss… Read more →


Sewing Summer Camp Time is Our Favorite Time

It’s hard to believe that another summer of camp is just around the corner. The school year has just about ended in our neck of the woods and we’re putting on the finishing touches of our jam-packed summer camp season here at the Hoboken studio. Today I want to share with you one of the most important things about what… Read more →


Some Days You Have to Slow Down & Hand Sew

At our sewing studio, you can start taking sewing classes and attending camp after you have completed kindergarten. This may seem a little young. Especially since We tend to focus more on sewing on the machine. But since every kid is very different, some second graders really need supervised sewing time on a sewing machine and you could have a… Read more →


My Tips for Sewing with Vintage Sewing Patterns

Okay I’m a little obsessed with vintage sewing stuff! I just love old sewing machines, I’m always on the lookout for vintage fabric, I have a rather large collection of vintage thread spools and I have been sewing with retro sewing patterns for as long as I have been sewing. And that’s a long, dang, time. There are some important… Read more →


Why I Absolutely Love Teaching Kids to Sew

I have been teaching people of all ages to sew for the last 10 years or so. Everything from the basics of how to operate the sewing machine, to helping adult students create their very own cherished wedding gowns. I’ve helped so many people make their very own gorgeous sewing projects from a pile of fabric and some thread. I… Read more →


The Best Sewing Machine for Teaching Kids How to Sew

As a Sewing Studio owner, long time sewing instructor and sewing curriculum developer I am probably asked at least once a week which is the best sewing machine to buy. This can be a pretty big question as there are hundreds of sewing machine models out there and the variation on what they do and what they cost can span… Read more →


Sewing is math. There. I said it.

I mentioned in a previous post about how sewing can be a way of learning math for kids because of measurement and even geometry when it comes to make hats and circle skirts. But today as I was teaching a roomful of 2nd and 3rd graders I was reminded how sewing can also teach kids multiplication. As we were beginning… Read more →


Sewing. This is how we do it baby!

In the words, of Montell Jordan, This is How We Do It. Check out this amazing animated gif showing how we sew. So often I am asked, “What does the sewing machine do to create a stitch?” Have you wondered the same thing? Well, here you go.   Here is what happening inside the sewing machine while you sew. I… Read more →